What are ya nuts?!

Craving a healthy snack that ignites your taste buds? Look no further than Nifty! Nuttery's gourmet pecans, hand-roasted in Virginia with our family's secret spice blends.

The best part? Every bite is a celebration! Keto-friendly, vegan, and completely gluten-free, Nifty! Nuttery lets everyone join the party. What can't these nuts do?!

Ditch the dull and join the flavor revolution! Find us at a festival, browse our online shop, or hunt us down at local markets. We can't wait to share the Nifty! Nuttery love with you!

Get Thee to a Nuttery!

Are you feeling savory, subtly sweet, or both? Pair these beauties with charcuterie, salads, or your favorite cheeky beverages! Meet your new favorite flavor sidekick.

Why Choose Nifty! Nuttery?

  • Climate Friendly

    Ditch the guilt and go nuts for pecans! Baked, not fried, these temperate treasures thrive on less water than their thirsty counterparts. Plus, pecans boast the crown of antioxidant champs, making them a win for both your body and the planet. Snack smart, snack sustainable, snack pecans!

  • Healthy

    Give your ticker a high five with the mighty pecan! Packed with heart-healthy fats and antioxidants, these little gems help lower bad cholesterol and keep your blood pressure in check. Pecans have some of the lowest carbohydrate content of any nut! And most of our flavors have no added sugar at all!

  • Vegan

    Plant-powered peeps, rejoice! Pecans are your keto-friendly, vegan best friend. Low in carbs and high in heart-healthy fats, these little gems fit seamlessly into your plant-based lifestyle. So ditch the dairy and dive into the deliciousness of baked pecans – your taste buds and your body will do a happy dance!

  • Keto

    Keto crew, rejoice! These low-carb wonders are your snacking salvation. Ditch the carb coma and unleash the ketosis kraken with our baked pecans! Loaded with healthy fats and boasting a measly 2g net carbs per ounce, these beauties are your key to unlocking metabolic magic.

  • Brainfood

    Fuel your focus with the mighty pecan! This brainy bite packs a powerful punch of antioxidants and heart-healthy fats, keeping your neurons firing on all cylinders. Ditch the sugary snacks and go for a handful of nature's finest brain food – your noggin will thank you!

  • Snacks

    Snack superstars with brilliance that shines far beyond the solo act! Crumble over vibrant salads, stud your charcuterie boards with their jewel-toned elegance, let them dance atop cocktails and cookies... From creamy dips to vibrant pestos, these versatile nutlets elevate every dish!

Let There Be Nuts!

Nifty! Nuttery is a small, family-owned and operated artisanal pecan startup founded in Richmond, Virginia. Our beloved pater familias has been whipping up annual batches of seasoned pecans for decades now, and in 2022 we knew it was time to share them with the world. New recipes, ideas, and stories continue to develop with every passing day!

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